Okay,  I'm still postponing my germany trip blogpost, but now to update on something I've been nagging some people about. I've got a new job.  A while ago Take called me up and asked me if I had time to help out, and since the situation was so bizarre with the old place, I decided to give it a try, so I'm on a trial period for five weeks again.  I'll be the monk in the building, aka, Sysadmin, some development and some other duties.    First job to fix the backup server and figure out why it wasn't doing it's job, that sort of thing.

But,  Amongst the other things, I'll be dealing with the cash registers at two (to be opened) places, De Klomp, and Aanstoot.

I guess I know where I'll be to calm down after work ... ;)  Well, We're in temporary offices in an office-hotel right now, so I'll have to set up the whole infrastructure in the new office in a couple of weeks. How terrible.

And meanwhile, a person from the old place has been sending me obscure sms on the phone. First asking for login/pass for the server I set up. Then asking for how to log in (via ssh),   how to use root (It's a network facing server, of course root login is disabled)  and now lastly, how to edit a file. No, not kidding.    I responded "vi"