The Pain in the face is real. We hates it. Haaatesss it.

Okay, the site, well, this part of it "runs" on WordPress. And its a slow bloated hog of php nightmares thats a complete pain in the rear to upgrade. What kind of moron has a "unpack zip file, but remove this that and that, don't change that, don't overwrite that, and then edit the changes into this and that file, then run the upgrade php file" kind of upgrade system?

Separation of user data and script? Where is that? What? Not heard of it? Ahh, figures.

So, we want to stab it in the face with blunt and rusty implements of pain.

Next up: fixing a "new" style for the page that includes the tag cloud. And is upgraded and working.


Fixing the fucking admin interface so it doesn't cause painful globules of frustration to exhume from my skin.

After that:

Stabbing things in the face for the sake of pleasure.