Okay, I'm looking for a new blog engine here. Currently I'm running wordpress and I'm not too comfortable with it. The built in editor is TinyMCE which, bugs me quite a lot. The editor replacements I've found have been annoying at best.  This in itself is less of a concern for me, but one of the major points.

What I want is a way to get Smartypants+Markdown formatting into the blog, for consistency with the CMS that I use for the rest of the site.  (Nope, I discarded using that CMS for the blog engine, due to how it works on edits/live commits of blog feeds.)

I was looking at b2Evolution but the editor is just a pain there too,  though it feels snappier and more well-contained.

Now it seems that MCummings has a hint that the new Wordpress is out tomorrow, might be the thing to shift to for prosperity. I don't know for sure either.

So, Hints and tips? Comments.  I'm looking mostly for a Blog engine, Good built-in editor and Smarty/textile support (Nope, I don't want to edit HTML directly for the blog part anymore) and a solid upgrade procedure between versions are a must.