Okay, Overhauled the whole base of the website to be based on a wiki/CMS. Everything except the gallery&weblog was replaced to use this.

Hopefully I didn't break stuff either. Now it's time to edit&add more content. And new css work so Anam gets happy.

Some more technical details:

  • It is now using ikiWiki
  • I do not enjoy the built in editor. (A simple textarea by the looks) but I haven't bothered to test the new wiki editor.
  • I really hate all tinyMCE style editors and they aren't really capable of producing Textile or Markdown markup.
  • Why I hate them? Cramped, latency, slow updates and opaque. It's hard to see why the result is as it is.  And you cannot really use a live preview with the markup languages since they need a parser. (Note to self, make a Markdown->Html converter in javascript.. right)
  • I'm using the git backend for storage.
  • The online copy does _not_ have the cgi, nor is there a repo on the server, but I use it as a preprocessor for the homepage to make static html.
  • Locally, I run it in full wiki-mode with editing and preview,  the only difference is that on the server there is a .css addon that hides the editing elements.
  • The organization is still chaotic, and will remain so. However, I'm planning a "new" css layout which may take a more traditional approach to things.
  • I have lost the timestamps of the era when things were made, this is saddening as I never thought of recording that in the xhtml code.
  • The website is stuck on wordpress as I lack a few PHP libraries to make habari work.
  • The gallery is in migration from Gallery2 -> Zen Photo.
  • I now have working Wordpress\<->Zenphoto integration, Passive from the side of Zen, so I can link images and galleries somewhat more easily.
  • The webhost is sometimes horridly slow, this is felt mostly when loading galleries or slow loading sites.
  • I need to rework how my CSS files are included for both,  the main one is abstracted nicely, however the Wordpress theme  one should be migrated partially into the main one.
  • After that I can move the alternative stylesheet from the wordpress theme into the main as alternative stylesheet there too.
  • Also after the CSS cleanout, I can look at theming the Zen gallery with the same style to make them visually coherent.