Hallowed by our own action. I just sat back to watch a video. A video of a video, in fact. Or to be precise, a video of the recording of a video. It's getting confused now, I know. Let me clarify, perhaps.

Today, a kurd girl was stripped naked (Well rather, had her pants ripped off her and then repeatedly used to cover her indecent nakedness while she was lying, writhing in pain in the dust on the ground, panties on to contrast her dirt-stained red training-jacket and black hair.) and then kicked, stomped and stoned to death by a group of what seemed to be men. So far, nothing out of the ordinary. This happens nearly every week, in one sense or the other. A mob reaching out to destroy what they cannot control.

What appalled me wasn't the act in itself. It was the actions of the crowd, pushing, shoving, hitting eachother to get a chance to be at the front, near the clearing around the girl, always careful to have nearly two meters of space to watch her writhe in, where you can see the people breaking out to kick her in the belly, stomp on her chest or blood-coated face as she was lying helplessly there. And why did they try to reach the front? Oh, to hold up their camera and record her suffering.

Yes, they were pulling eachother back, not because they wanted to stop the others from ending the girls life with a stone, but because they were in the way for their recording of the event.

Society today, I wish it had ceased to amaze me. Unfortunately, this seems to be the norm. When you have the power to stop someone from killing a helpless victim, you don't. You stand there, cheering, howling, and tape it with your cellphone, safe in the knowledge that you hold the camera, so you're doing your part. Watching the recording of the people behaving like this, short pans of the girl, and then up to the crowd, them pushing others away, directing their camera to the girl. The man who covered her with her skirt or pants, only to then kick her in the belly until she moved and they slipped off?

Or the man in the fine shoes who sullied them by stomping on her face, once he was done recording her suffering, of course.

The more I watch, the more I learn
If you light yourself on fire
The world will pay to watch you burn.

-- Course of Empire - Automatic Writing #17