Okay, I'm setting myself up for disappointment here, but I can't help it.

Fallout 3 trailer was released at E3, and.. It's not fallout. It's Oblivion in a bleak future. But it isn't fallout.  Nowhere is the quirky humour, nowhere are the cynism.  There's an third person shooter blaster that might be fun.

But it heck isn't Fallout.

My bet? They have removed the roleplaying and just cloned the pseudo-linear story from Oblivion.

And,  Then there is the Watchmen trailer. CGI CGI CGI uncanny valley. Bad water effects off the submarine, Gloss Gloss Gloss shine shine.  And nowhere in sight is actual acting.

Oh holy feck,  I knew they were going to rape the /(comic)/book, but this badly? Please.

I guess I'm forced to see and try them anyhow, but seriously, I want to hurt something now.