Out of the blue I'm reminded ( On Facebook of all places ) that there's an attempt to break the world record in Water Warfare in Linköping this afternoon.

As is my habit, I didn't have much photography equipment with me, and my camera sure isn't either waterproof nor environmentally sealed like the more expensive ones are. So, off to the kitchen with me, grabbing a few freezer bags, some rubber bands and wrapping my camera in a layer of plastic.

Unfortunately, plastic freezer bags aren't quite the best if you want to _see_ the pictures, so most of the images turned out to be randomly bad, over/under exposed or just generally bland.

However, I picked out around a hundred decent-ish pictures of the water war, not all elected because they are great pictures, but more because they capture the mood. Most of them are soft and slightly out of focus, however a few turned out to be quite wonderful.

And did I need the plastic? Yes.. Yes I did. Water warfare

Water warfare