Seems that the upgraded Wordpress is annoying me a lot more than the previous one did.

Annoyingly enough, Wordpress has a bad tendency not to want to save my bloody posts. Argh. On the other hand, upgraded to latest (and greatest? Hah. I'm not impressed as of yet with this software) version to avoid the XSS attacks. Getting repeated "evaluated to false" errors when trying to save a draft here. And uploading text in general. And the themed input-box means it loses the changes that were in the text area. Very frustrating.

Also, the pictures taken from the Dublin trip have moved to a more permanent address now.

CAN I BE ALLOWED TO UPLOAD THIS THING NOW? *hitting "save and continue editing" with every line, 2 out of 3 fails.

Generally of Ireland, Inz and Ahni ->

Random people Portraits ->

Thank you , bloody piece of junk.