Okay, got the Raid5 to work after some serious issues. Part one of the issues was that some of the drives got remains of the old raid ID's in their superblocks, took me a while to figure out how to nuke that so the system didn't think it had two partially configured Raids which were all broken.

Second problem was and is that Ubuntu doesn't have consistent device ordering, something they fixed in Gentoo quite some time ago. This meant that what one reboot was /dev/sda turns into /dev/sdd in the next, because they are on two different controllers and its about random load time which one starts first. Bloody system. Got around it by assigning a label on each drives with a unique 128bit ID and simply scanning via labels. Safe if I should chose to move the drives in the future as well, so I guess that is good.

Now, Got a desktop up. Removed the bloody desktop icons after it annoyed me for the Foo'th time that I can't just right click on the desktop and launch a terminal, Also, icons on the desktop annoy me and should DIE DIE DIE.

Openbox 3.4 released, so I installed that rather than the default Metacity, gives me my desktop work, and looks smooth and small. Gotta get a new theme though, preferrably something that works with the Ubuntu colours.

Now to get the Email merged, and bookmarks + passwords + SSH-keys over from Darkmere, and then see what else I miss.  Probably lots.

Annoyance of the day, Ubuntu's version of gThumb doesn't support Raw images.  I'm forced to either use UFRaw,  F-Spot (hate, its fast but the UI is counter-intuitive and designed for mouse-clickers)  or Gimp,  and/or simply shoot normally. Maybe Rawstudio can work.

I don't know if I'll keep using Firefox or if I'll go back to Epiphany,  I sorta miss my "up" arrow and the quick search along with the commandline.

Also, gotta change the default shell. Why do they insist on bash?  It drives me insane. Give me back my zsh.