Annoyed. First, the Ubuntu 7.04 release did not come with a working device-mapper that supports raid45 target, this took me quite a few tries to stab at and get in order. Okay, no matter, they have a fully functional mdadm support that seems to be integrated and working ( although I had to use the less shiney commandline to set it up, and disable the sk. "Raid" mode from the BIOS)

Second, My current addiction to WoW will not be satisfied in Ubuntu 64Bit. Neither does Wine seem to be working, and I don't think that I really want to start using a Chroot for 32 bit. Perhaps time to install a mix 32bit userspace for certain applications? I really want a few of the programs that I have to use wine for to work, so...

Okay, waiting for the raid to get itself in order and then I will start a reinstall of Ubuntu, this time for 7.04 32-bit. Go me.