Well then. Towelday today, or the night that turned into today.

  • Was it fun? Of course.
  • Were there alcohol?   Are you kidding?
  • Was there nomming?  Nom nom nom...
  • Did you lose your towel?  I know where my towel is.
  • Where were your robe?  I lost it last year...
  • Were there pictures? Oh you bet there are.

Yes, basically this is an announcement that there are pictures up. I lack a bouncer for the flash, which I regret this time. I also really regret that I turned the ISO up to 1600 while using the flash, that was completely unnecessary and almost all the pictures are quite noisy as a result.

On top of that, these are just batch converted using commandline tools to toss the large bundle of RAW images up online in a decent speed.   I should have shot as JPEG, but was I thinking? heck no. I was drinking.

We came there, gathering outside for the strays to appear, and huddled into the bar. The natives (Aka, the bar personel that hadn't taken the night off cause they knew we were coming gave.. funny.. looks to us.  We scared some of the guests off, it seemed, but still.  We had fun!

They started it with a 25litre jug of Pan Galactic Gargle blaster, along with long straws. Unfortunately, it was impractical, the bunch of people were too many for the drink, so we ended up pouring it over into other canisters and consuming it rapidly.


Rapid enough that we ordered up another batch of stuff for us,  ending up doing pan galactics during the rest of the night.

Well, what remained of it ;)

it was however, quite a blast of a night, wonderful time!

And, last and not least.   A big thank you to Ian and Pappa Grappa for hosting us!

Signing off from incoherence.