So,  once again we had our Towelday celebrations at Pappa Grappa.  I had taken the day off for tuesday in preparation, and while not everything went as planned ( A few friends who had said they would come didn't show up, others had some slight issues in real life causing things to be not quite as merry as wished)  Still,  we were armed with towels,  pyjamas, bathrobes and books,  quoting freely over the Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters that Ian, our dear bartender was serving with help of Andreas, his new standin assistant.

The evening turned out to be long, wet and pleasant, many laughs, many smiles, and a lot of missing of the author that in fact changed a few lives.  Good memories.  As someone said:

"I would gladly work over christmas to get this time off.  Hat off and towel high."

And, the whole album : Towelday 2009