Okay, got most of the mess sorted out, heres some preliminary todo:

  1. ~~Tagcloud at the bottom needs to be fixed~~
  2. Check out css file and sort it for overview
  3. Merge redux.css with main site redux.css
  4. Font selection? Might want to change for Serif \<p> and Sans Serif headlines
  5. ~~Tag spacing sucks. the extra spaces in the comma separated tag list beneath the paragraphs has to die~~
  6. Font size? dunno how it looks on another browser/computer.
  7. ~~Fix the parser/Validator errors. woups?~~
  8. ~~Lists don't show list numbers inside the main. Woups~~
  9. Why is "My OiNK missing a date? ( Note to self, beat wordpress devs)
  10. ~~Check CSS syntax~~

Debugging: OiNK post loses the date if I set it to the 24th of october. If I move it back a day in time, the date works and shows. if I put it at the real day, 24th, it doesn't show.