Okay, Welcome to the world of software and release convergence. Today,  June 17 2008, we see two Major milestones in the world.

First off, is expected to release Firefox 3.0 final, the stable version of the browser that re-changed the web after the fight was lost by Netscape so many years ago.

Second off, Wine, the Windows implementation on *nix is celebrating their 15 year anniversery, by releasing Wine 1.0,  finally!  ( Link may be to 1.0-rc5 due to winehq being... a bit loaded)

And in other news, I just spent the first day of my second week at work doing nothing but reading old documentation (that's outdated and doesn't quite apply) due to the boss mr thing not having shown up with my computer/cellphone, and the loan computer being windowsy and without a mouse ( Vista without a mouse is. not easy)

Hopefully I get the stuff tomorrow, and can actually start a test install so I can see the real documentation and not the old stuff.