I've been hit by Insomnia again. This time in the form of vacation. Waking up early simply from the strange noises outside, or from the life at home calling me because the providers cable has been cut off and nothing works anymore.

But Insomnia is an old friend of mine, we have a history together, you can say. And even when she's with me all day, it's not enough to deter me from fully enjoying the time here.

Monday was Porcupine Tree, with an opening act which while technically proficient, and with a singer who could sing (when he gave force to it, at least) were nothing to remember. The keyboardist was falling asleep over his beat, the singer was mostly missing his autotune, the second guitarrist was brilliant together with the drummer, but it wasn't enough to lift the show into danceability.

And then came Porcupine Tree. Different show this time from before, opening with Even Less, they went through a long history of tracks, Sound of Muzak, Four Chords, Open Car, The Sky Moves Sideways, along with several unexpected old goodies. The audience was in flames, and even though it took a few tries to get some things right, Strings breaking on the opening chord, the new guitar in the wrong key, and some other issues that made them (gasp shock horror) wing it and extend some of the solos into near showoff levels, it was high pace and managed excellently. (the power stayed on too, I think that helped)

So yeah, they were doing some things on stage that you nearly cannot do with a drumset, playing it tightly through more of a history of the band than I have ever heard from them before.

The day after we spent at a friend and writer's place all evening and night, getting home at dawn and sleeping briefly, before heading on towards last nights main attraction, Killing Joke.

Oh my effing god. I was blown away by the show, I had never (bothered?) to look up recordings of their live shows before, and the entrance reminded me a lot of a coverall dressed Alice Cooper, a notion that quickly disappeared as the opening beat ran on.

Forceful, Violent, Aggressive, without a break they went on for hours, blowing the audience away time after time, the moshpits spreading and making me evacuate the floor with the camera. (Pictures will be upcoming) and all this while pushing the audience further and further on.

Today, my spine hurts, my neck aches, my muscles hate me, Insomnia is sitting on my shoulder, taunting me, and I am simply exhausted and at ease. It was a great show.

But, guess what?
Ozric Tentacles on Sunday.