Okay. Installing Fedora 9 wasn't quite as bad as I had expected, or something. I chose to burn the netinstall CD,  a mere 110 MB, give or take.   Boot up, reboot a few times cause I looked away that single second where the Dell bios gives you the chance to slap the F12 key to select the bootloader and boot off the CD, then started the installer.

Select language, Keyboard layout,  enter the URL of the FTP site for your packages, wait wait wait and click-a-lick for partitioning.  Then you get an error about unsaved data to the journal.

So, even Linux installers now complain that Windows was unable to shut down in a clean way.  Great.

How come that in the middle of the annoyance I'm grinning? Well, fiddle fiddle widdle twiddle and it's up and running.  Selecting a base install, accounts and go.

About an hour later it's done , mostly due to my downstream bandwidth. Reboot, and you have an updater claiming some more than 500Mb downloads to be fixed. Sodding Effing piece of junk.

Lets see now, I picked a NETWORK install,  off the FTP. Can't it bloody well pick the updated packages just to start with!? Is that so hard when you're already using repos online? Give me a break dammit, that's a bloody annoying piece.

Not to mention that the GUI package manager doesn't allow you to select multiple packages to install? Coooome on.  The install is faster than the load of the package list.  ARGH!

Annoyance. Even Gentoo is faster in installing multiple packages than this. Sheesh, take a cue from Ubuntu, SuSE or your OLD bloody GUI installer.

After the update, NetworkManager was running in loops, insta-restarting and crashing and filling up my logfile with 1.5Gb of junk.  Please,   sod off and die in a corner.

A Reboot is needed to "fix" this?  Did you go to the Microsoft school of Software Development QA?   Please, Restart the bloody service in the update script. It Is NOT that hard!

Other than that, I had a great weekend over at Anamnam.  Movies, Sugary candy, Soda and blowing stuff up in games.

Yey! Now I'm hyper and unable to sit still, go me?