Now here is a lot of input to remove, great or something. Sanity, life, sociality. Let's start with the up's. Ilaani came to visit. Yey, was social and up. Good things happened, bad things didn't happen, society was kept at bay with massage, tea, chocolate and alcohol!

Even more niceish things happened, been dragging my camera around and assaulting people, repeatedly, and having a jolly good time doing so.

Also, finally got my new boots, they look like a hedonistic cross between a pair of army boots and a pair of "jesus-sandals", Bootshaped with leather-straps to lace them up and wrap them tightly around your leg, fits quite nicely too. New pants to match, british army style, black canvas, Yum, bit wide in the waist, but it isn't as if I have much of a butt to show off anyhow.

On to the bad. Starting at July 27 the "rot month" traditionally begins in this part of the world, bacteria run rampart and wild, heat is opressive and moist, and things are generally quite unpleasant. Add to this that the general beings that are supposed to drive the town onwards into the rotting future has decided for an August feast to replace the old traditional "carnival" that used to reign supreme. The net result is an oiled up, overheated stinky pile of humans trenched together with their fat, sugar-laced bodies in the so called tivoly, "enjoying" themselves by ingesting copious amounts of alcohol and relieving their pent up urges in the corner, all to the oppressive heat and moisture that is the rot month. This arrives a block away from my home, and has caused life to be somewhat unbearable at this location. The Rotfeast will go on, but I intend to leave town. Suck it up society, Before I smash you with a broken bottle.