Today when I got home from work ( and from the temporary stop at Pappa Grappa to have a lovely Grappa with espresso) I came into a dark and abandoned apartment. Slipping through the darkness I reached out and touched the power button on my previously suspended desktop.

It starts up, silently, not even the hiss of the fans is audible now, and the music softly fades in, ...."maybe it's time, to stop swimming..." and on it goes..   Except that the monitor is black. No response at all...   Just, "Stop Swimming" playing quietly in the background to an otherwise unresponsive computer.

I cannot help but love it in it's idiosynchrasies.

In other news, I'm now somewhat functioning again. Trying to cut down on the coffee consumption, fending off insomnia again.  Work transcribes decently with somewhat challenging things.  ( New backup infrastructure ) and some energy (when I do not work) to try and fix up my apartment.  The flowers are still coming down sad, most probably the light, and I do not have energy enough to head out with the camera, so all is not well. The moon was lovely when I walked towards home, but I still cannot bring myself to head out into the cold now.

And, I signed up for again. Bad me, I know. Sorry. Now all I need is to get an ICQ number again. Or perhaps sell my soul(s) and connect to MSN....