Okay, Fever is down a bit, but my throat is still sore and swollen,  coughing's almost gone and so on.

Now,  My experimentations with IkiWiki are coming to fruit and the whole "old" homepage has been transposed and converted to be seen over at Philtopia(Darkmere, Wikified), and the same has been done to the old image galleries (Seen from the site)  A couple of new features are there, included an (ugly) auto-generated sitemap (I have to see if I can make it into colours that aren't hideous)  some link-checking (to be updated more as admin tools) and tagging ( not yet implemented).

I still need to see about a "custom css" for non-edit mode, as it is the uploaded version simply uses "display: none" for several objects that don't fit into the "online" design ( link-trails, Edit page, Recent Changes and so on) or perhaps for the sake of efficiency,  fix it to be "not there" in the online version. I have to think some.

Next up, Gallery2 theme editing. Meh.

And, I need a new blog engine.  If it's a good CMS that can store revisions of all pages and tracings, I might move the whole page to that, but as it is, I'm quite content with the wiki-based thing. Convince me otherwise, perhaps?