I go back in the day, there's a post around here on OiNK going down due to copyright courts.

Recently, I'm in an office where I don't have access to my own music library, meaning no downloads, only streaming services. Since Google Music ( Or whatever they call it this week, Google Play Music I think?) is unavailable in my country, thanks-a-lot, and WiMP requires the discontinued Adobe Air leaving me with Spotify for my daily needs.

And some days it is a complete act of frustration.

To start with, something simple, the lack of music. Artists such as "Godspeed You! Black Emperor" are nowhere to be found. Along with a lot of others.

Then there comes the ephemeral feeling of things. I had a "Grawwl" playlist, featuring Novembre and Eluveitie. Now, what happens? Both the albums I had in this playlist has disappeared. Not _all_ the albums by the bands, just some.

What sense this makes? No clue.

Even more annoying, when you search for them, and the albums you had in lists, are there. It's just managed to disappear from your playlists.

Next up, we have the completely -broken- metadata. Deep Purple's "Burn" Is appearantly from 2005. And the anniversary edition from 2004. Oh, right, three songs are missing from the first of those. Their first album ( "Shades of Deep Purple", 1968 ) came out in 2003, a year without any re-release of that album according to

Then we have the Live pollution. There is absolutely no separation of live albums from studio albums, and while I guess some live recordings really are better than a bands studio albums, I generally try to separate the two. Especially when I'm looking for a certain song.

Then we can complain further on how _utterly horrible_ it is to hit artist collisions. Things like ISIS get a horrible mixture of things. Click around a bit on spotify and find a mix or R'n'B/Hip Hop artists with the Post Rock that I was looking for. Jarring and disturbing for all the wrong reasons.

Then we come to the classical music. Oh my fucking god, Is Beethoven an artist or a composer? What, you can't search for composers? Oh right, which orchestra/Director/Solist was it on that Bach sonata? Azerbaijan symphonic tincan orchestra?

No separation, improper tagging, no way of following it up, and a bad selection.

Then we can add certain things like "no-gap recordings" and audio quality. Well, they simply don't deal with no-gap recordings properly at all, Dream Theater - Awakeis a typical example. The Mirror that turns into Lie? Right, it's missing the beats.

So. Poor selection, worse tags than even the _pirates_ have, and an annoying UI where you can't even copy an artist's name and put into a chat message?

Right, of course. I forgot to mention. Low quality album art.

So, overall. It's a frustrating thing. It feels ephemeral, you can't trust it.