Very well, last post was a bit too terse. I should start actually expressing myself here, rather than simply coming with short lines of commentary. "Ate Gruel"   "drank water" and so on doesn't seem to be the best of thing to do.

So,  he got those FlyJumpers a couple of days ago, and I wanted to get a chance to photograph him on them, no other reason than that it seemed like a realy fun thing to do.  So far I can conclude, it really does get attention from people.  I lost count on how many stopped to ask us about them,  wondering what they were called, if it was hard and so on.      Balancing on them weren't that hard, as long as you remember to walk a bit bow-legged so you don't hit yourself at the ankles it's no harder than inlines, in my opinion.  However,   the power needed to use them was immense. First off, they are quite heavy, 4-5kg each, I'd guess.   Topping that, they are new, meaning a lot more resistance (it was quite noticable after a while that they became "lighter" to use, and gave way more)

Even more than that,  these pair is a  bit "heavy" for me,  about 20kg overpowered, so in total I have to use a lot more force to push up and move than what normally.   The exercise took a lot on muscles I don't normally use when walking (pressing hard and firm down isn't normal for me) and the arms from all the waving.     I was short of breath within minutes, and as soon as you felt your legs start to give in, they became even harder to use.  Moving forwards slowly wasn't too bad, faster was quite easy as well, but slowing down was hard, turning around was very hard, and getting up after you fall was impossible without help.

Protection is good, use it.

Also, it's fun. Damned so!