So, Due to Buerocrazy, life is sorta miffly atm.

However, I need to clear my head from that. At work I've recently been reading PCI and credit-card specifications, dealing with osCommerce, Virtual items for sale, generating tickets for a PoS system and so on.

It now appears the pieces are coming together, tickets can be bought, printed, ordered and added, and disappear from the inventory when things are sold out. Yey.

Next up, design and featurism. Then it's off to the other projects in order to see what happens with them.

I'm still looking for suggestions on hardware ( x86 or Arm, 24+ Megs of RAM, 32+ Megs of flash, Ethernet, 2x USB ( and maybe a built-in 3G modem) Theres a few on my list, but I want stuff for smaller batches, (a couple of hundreds) at decent price. There's a few on the market, but maybe you know of one that I don't know. Do tell!

Tomorrow, building more firmware, doing some cabling and design-work. Yey. Still waiting for some more prototype units of various CPU-denominations. I wonder what I can do with 32Megs of RAM, 200 MHz and 4 Megs of flash .. The flash will be a pita for my usecase, I fear. :/