Okay, For those not in the loop. The company I work for has a daugher company, into which most of the "Main company" people are pouring almost all their time and effort,   And this is De Klomp. Well,   we have finally opened. There will be pictures once I get my webhost to stop being a pain in the rear and start actually serving pictures to me/others.

Well, yesterday, Thursday, we had a sneak opening. In the afternoon we got our permits, and the call was made to go fetch some of the beer from the distributor. A Couple of hours and a bust gearbox, broken fuel filter, and some other car-hardware errors later we were unloading the first kegs and some more, and things were rolling. The initiates were appearing and things settled in for a nice evening.  What was unpacked was Nils Oscar Pils ( Also our local brand,)  Along with their Barley Wine and a India Pale Ale.

And today it was back to work, first to help unravel and unpack more ale and beer from the distributor, then to sit down and do pricing and scanning. Feeding all the new stuff into the system. Finally done, just on time we find out what ales and beers go into the taps and start to add it, when things break down. The electricians (hah) had pulled the fuses one by one in some random attempt to figure out what did what. This included the one dedicated to our cash register server. Which crashed. And did not recover very well, ( Cue Windows XP/Firebird experience)

After this, the bottles register as sandwhiches. The barcode scanners are fucked, the entries in the database are crap, and the  bar is full of people trying to place orders.  Half an hour more of frenzied fixing and adding, we find that one of the barcode scanners is permanently fucked. Or for the weekend at least. And then the register if fecking over with SQL errors due to the frontend being a piece of junk.  Things just get better.

And it's around then that we find out that the ales are nowhere to be found in the UI on the cash registers, and that this said UI doesn't infact ever reload from the database after things are updated. Even more fun is to discover that there is no bulk update, so you have to go through each and every page and possible page of links to update the piece of crap.

Cue in another couple of hours of frenzied work and I'm ready to booze myself to death just to forget.

Well, the pub was full of people, who seemed to have a nice time.  I finally got the last ale added and headed out to meet some old friends,   at 10 in the evening.  And then there was beer, ale and ... I don't know what.

But now I'm home, I crave absinthe and booze. And I don't like it, still. The pub lives and works, the cash registers no longer crash.

And I just about hate windows even more.

Ahh, life.