...and I'm stuck at the thought of what to put on it. For mains, the 3 new SATA disks will all be put in on a raid5 just to provide me some level of redundancy. Shouldn't be too hard to do. OS will have to live on the IDE drives, and if that's a bit slow, suck it down and take it.

Next then. OS.

I could take and migrate my current system, it should work neatly, but that isn't too pleasant for my own regard, a "fresh" start would probably feel better for a while. Although the Firewall and networking services will be hell.

Well then, Ubuntu perhaps? 64/32 bit? It's becoming somewhat usable these days, and the 6month update time appeals to me. Gentoo again?

I won't go Fedora, and I refuse to touch Slackware and Debian with pliers. And if you have KDE as default desktop, you just lost anyhow. KDE is shiney and glitzy and has a lot of bells and whistles, too many in fact.

So, Basically, 64bit or 32bit linux (how much do I want the bloody flash to work?) Does ubuntu deal with CSS/Copy protected DVD's and similar or not? And will I get a headache from it?

Perhaps its time to jump the bandwagon.