Well then,  I've been there, come back home, sobered up and had a good time.  So lets talk a bit about it.

The travel up was uneventful as usual,  that means, I got distracted by something, half ran through town in order to get to the train station in time, only to discover that the train was 45 minutes late.  Of course.  However, once the basic subsanity that is the SJ system was dealt with,  we arrived.   Dressed up like a poster pillar in the new pub's t-shirts we got in, and under the helpful guidance of one of the judges, as well as our beer expert,  we got around the place, starting to try out the various kinds of beers.  ( Ales, Stouts, Porter, Weiss-beer, Micro-brews and various kinds. )  I could go on for ages about the kinds of stuff I tried, everything from hot beer with cream to classsic stouts, however, I'd just become boring.

There were two kinds that really lived with me however,  first, De Koninck Tripel, as the Belgian favourite beer of that day, and my new favourite stout, Nils-Oscar Coffee Stout,  unfortunately not available as of yet.  And no, I wasn't allowed to bring any home with me. Maybe if I order a couple of.. samples.

However, even if I didn't bring my camera to the occasion, I did snap a few shots with the cellphone. I put them up on the new (in testing) gallery over at Philtopia,  And linking incoming here:

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="120k sek whisky"]120k sek