Well, first things first. It's hard to enjoy a movie when you concentrate on not emptying your stomach in the seat beside you. It's even harder to feel any kind of tension and excitement when all it does is make your already queasy stomach worse.

When they finally get to a mild cut of someone throwing up, my stomach had enough and tried to revolt. I was forced to either leave the place and have some water, or do bad things.

Now, to the movie. Classical teeny-bop horror. Five Americans and an Irishman, three "couples" into the woods. The friendships are a bit choppy and all the stereotypes are there. The "good catholic girl", the "beauty" with her plastic tits, the "all natural" girl, the goofy idiot boy, the steroid pumping cool macho kid, and the intellectual boy with the good looks.

Pair them up and pit them against eachother. Directly as the Americans go off the flight they head to the forest to do shrooms. Yeah right.

The plot was quite lacking, kids going to get high and tripping in the forest, "ghost story" about an abandoned institution and whatever went "wrong " there, massacre and yaddah.

Tripping on the "daaangerous" "killer shrooms", and the inevitable fallout and problem between people.

Well, around there when one of the kids went tripping alone in the forest and throwing up, my stomach decided that, really, you don't want to be more provoked by idiocy, so I left.

Guess I'll have to download it, because I doubt it will ever turn to more than a TV-production for rental DVD.


None of the characters were convincing or engaging, in fact I prayed for their deaths after about 15 minutes. The plot was nigh on skull-numbingly poor and the scares relied almost totally on sound effects and offered precious little on the visual front.

In its favour, the plot was not entirely predictable, but I was left not really caring what happened less than a third of the way through.

According to Imdb comment. Seems quite apt.