This is taken from my (new) notebook, more or less as I wrote it on the flight from Sweden to Germany. The handwriting at its best is a shaky Arabic, and at its worst a confused form of Sanskrit as interpreted by pigeons.

So, why did I quit from a practice/job where they really did need me, and where I could shine, do interesting stuff and learn new things?

Let's first talk some about the place. The driving force and my 'boss' is in marketing. He's good at it, getting and driving ideas, and then selling them to people with money. That is what happened here. I was supposed to be one of the (software-) designer/architects on the Linux side of this. Where the other people were, I do not know. The organization is loosely built around MSN and phones, as well as the internal net. Which, I still had no access to. Where my co-workers were and what they were doing, I do not know, as I never got them to respond on MSN, nor acknowledge my existance. What my actual work was, other than general research, I wasn't told.

Who to talk to and work with.... well, they weren't there.  So, in the end I was alone in a branch office, without a real job to do or someone to report to.

And thats where my 'boss' went on vacation for a couple of weeks, without letting me know.

And after this, he gets upset when I do not want to continue after the initial 5 week trial/practice.