Well, supposedly they were a horde of geeks, or rather, a large gathering of socially awkward overly stereotype people filling a room, where the closest to rampage would be if someone yelled "free cola" in the hallway outside while simultaneously killing the wireless network that would prevent them from reading xkcd on their laptops. The lecture hall was full of them, most of them fitting quite neatly into their own geeky stereotype. Together they gave the impression that something marvellous was going to come out of the room, like a socially liberated robotic cockroach with a neural interface to the wireless LAN. Or just a new way to encourage Vitamin D deficiency.

Anyhow, the talk was quite nice, had a few sweet gems of comments in there from RMS, but no real big news. Discussing the morality of Free Software (Ethical Software) Copyright and the development of copyright. Mentioned the change in copyright restricting publishers in the name of the consumer for the benefit of the creator, to copyright restricting the consumer for the benefit of the publisher in the name of the creator.

Anyhow, it was a nice evening with me and The Tallest watching the lecture. Nothing revolutionary for me since I've heard most of his arguments before, but hearing a plan for copyright re-creation in a new and functional image for the benefit of the consumer, is always pleasant.

When the United States has a problem it doesn't try to correct it, instead it tries to impose it on the rest of the world.

- Richard M. Stallman