Okay, American election keeps popping up all over the place,  so lets take a shortdown.

Red side:   Obama  and Clinton.    Right,  So either its the first "black" president, or the first "female" president. Good going,  yey, time for "radical"  change here.  Fat chance either of them will get in, sorry.    Add to the insult of being "black" that he's also... "young", Barely fifty!  Not a chance.

So, what do the other side propose? Lets see. Mr.  "Beware of Islam, FEAR FEAR DANGER WILL ROBINSON!" Rudi The Mayor,  Giulian. Well,  Might have a chance, if he can downplay his itchy crotch, and we all recall how that went with Bill Clinton, right?

And then there's the senator,  mr. Religious Right himself,  John McCain,  who'll happily bend you over and insert the Bible into your unbelieveing little arses.

So, lets chalk it up:

The Red side:  Young+Black, Female+Hated


Blue Side:  Middle Aged, White, Pastyfaced Fearmongers

So, bets on wether Rudy or McCain wins?

Now this is enough slamming of the election, don't talk to me about it again unless you have something mean to say.