So, I was in Kolmården a while ago,  mid September actually.  The park is an animal park, they have been quite successful in their attempts to breed and preserve animals.  Since I was last there a couple of years ago they have reduced the amount of creatures they keep, and instead increased the size of the reigns of them.  Over all I'd say it's an improvement, no longer quite as cramped a feeling, and most definitely not a "Zoo" feeling. (No cages).

However, it was an overcast day, white skies and so on, and I screwed up with the camera in most cases, due to me being clumsy and forgetting to tune the iso/exposure levels as I should.  Or simply trying to zoom in too much and ending up with a sharp picture of some grass a meter away from a tiger.

Still, the pictures as a whole are up on my (new?) gallery, and a few highlights are added here below.