Outside, Nature and Photowalks

2004-11-11-misc 2004-11-11-misc
2007-05-27 2007-05-27
2007-06-01-50mm 2007-06-01-50mm
2009-05-15-Sunny 2009-05-15-Sunny
2010-random 2010-random
2010-Winter 2010-Winter
2011-Spring 2011-Spring
2011-Summer 2011-Summer
Winterlights Winterlights
2015-Blood Moon 2015-Blood Moon
New Years Eve, 2015 New Years Eve, 2015
2015-Walk 2015-Walk
2018-Summer 2018-Summer
African Nature African Nature
Birdsaver Birdsaver
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Nature & Animals Nature & Animals
Norrkoping-2009-01 Norrkoping-2009-01
Söderköping Söderköping

Photowalks and things in the nearby area.