Well, I got told I'm a boring and lazy git who doesn't upload pictures. Still haven't transferred my source for the website, so I'm blaming that, but, I guess it isn't an excuse really, here are some of them uploaded, however, I don't like Wordpress' built-in management. Still, here is something.

Edit: seems I can't even use WP's built-in photo upload. Yey, Permission denied, must get onto my other machine, get keys over, and start working on the permissions on the server, right away. Yeah. Meanwhile I tossed the files up at my other domain and linking straight to them.

As for the event, Just some tea and coffee in the heat with V&D&µ, and the last pic is just some crowd walking by another day I was there. Cropped some, scaled perhaps, but still huge images.

Lady and Noise

Vicky Talk

Vicky Face

Vicky Tea