Woke up today with a headache, which might not be strange for you, but for me is a thing of wonder that seldom hits.   Unfortunately I hadn't been drinking the night before, so I couldn't blame that, nor dehydration or lack of caffeine.   Over all,  odd.   It turned worse when my head started to spin and I was toppling over against the wall, seeing pretty little white and red dots in front of my eyes, when I started to actually see the beams of light, shading across,  being able to touch it and comb it with my fingers into sparkling rainbows, I was seriously starting to doubt my eyes, and the step from there to the small bubbles and the sight of neon tetras swimming to hide in the shadows was simply disturbing.  Hooray for hallucinations.

Still, it was an odd while of synaesthesia as my head started to unhinge and the dreams and sights blended with the sound of traffic and people. I wish I knew what caused it, but I really have no clue. But I'm still waiting for my headache to pass.