Okay, Yesterdays news, and today's blog reactions. Yesterday I saw it on Digg(Torrentfreak), and then the blogs and news started to follow. So, what does this late response come to?

Well, lets see. Why did people use OiNK's Pink Palace in the first place? Simple access to downloadable material? Not really, since we already had that in the shape of DC, PirateBay, Mininova, Soulseek and so on and so fort. So, what was the deal with OiNK that made it so popular?

Regulations. There were strict rules for conduct. The forum and the torrent comments should be kept Clean and Polite. Memes were squashed down fast and hard.

Quality. Unlike all the other sites, this one was a prime for OiNK. All things that they had were high quality. Many or most were accessible in the loss-less flac format, which gives a good listening experience. You know all those "hissy" mp3's that you hear, or the tincan effect of sound from places like MySpace? Not there, that was severely frowned on and slapped down instantly.

Community. This one is the hardest to replace. The community in the discussion, recommendations, requests and hints&tips that weren't there to sell, but to promote interest in good and odd music.

Odd music.When did you last listen to odd klesmer-grind, or get introduced to backlisted (No longer in stores or available on the web) releases of old progressive bands? No, iTunes won't sell it to you, neither will the other online sites. Not interested in the bimbo of the week music? What, you don't like that newest airhead with the vocorder? Sorry, we're catering to the masses here, get your act together, start listening to the HITS! No? Please don't go, buy our drivel, you want to, yes?

No Ads. This ties directly in with what I was saying above. They didn't cram you with the latest crap from the major labels. No, sorry, I don't listen to "popular" music as you release it today. I'm fed up with the Loudness Wars and I don't want to be a victim of the fallout anymore.

No Hype . Oink failed here, lets face it, the hype was all over when Radiohead released their new album. Same with the forums when Nine Inch Nails decided to release the fan remixes.

Not saying that it wasn't without fault. The Share and Share alike economy is a static field, where people hoard the uploads and you cannot really enter, the regulations prevented certain discussions, and the interface was cluttered at times.

Still, it was miles better than anything the Phonographic industry has even attempted to create.

So, why is this, "creative" organization trying so hard to not be creative in how it distributes music? Would it be that hard for them to make an OiNK replacement, make it paid by per the month you access it, and discount the payments with users upload ratio to save their own bandwidth bills?

Yes, I'd pay, That isn't the problem, the problem is that they haven't even tried to make it.

iTunes is cute, but requires me to reformat , install MS Windows (or try to pirate an OS X install onto my hard-drive) and still won't provide even half of the community I Want. Wait, it doesn't provide any of it.

Amazon? Please. *shudder* I said I didn't want to be barraged with "BUY THIS NOW!" ads, didn't I? Sorry, you failed.

That Russian site? Sorta neat, but that's obviously not what the "industry" wants.

So, until then. Bring back OiNK or fix the distribution channels yourself.