Okay, some documentation:

Moved the tagcloud into a \<li>/\<ul> combo to avoid "whitespace separation" which is an issue for Accessibility. Had to change "display: inline" on it for that though. Works okay from what it seems.

Changed all tags to never be the same as category names. Really wish there was a way to automate this, and to view/Search/sort by tags in the admin interface. Right now, Tags are user-visible only.

( No, if a Post is in the Category "Personal" it doesn't need the Tag Personal too )

Fixed the search form to have a pre-filled in search for Cookies. Cookies are good, and you won't find many on the site, I ate them all. ;)

Added a lang="" tag to the \<html> element. Yet another a11y fix.

added [] around the "Comments (0)" texts. Looks somewhat better, and also is another Whitespace link fix for accessibility.

Removed the width= property of the header image, means you won't get horizontal scrollbars anymore. Though it will look crap in too cramped pages.


Next question: Can I change the "Comments ()" Thing to have a unique ID in the visible link for each post? Merge it with the title perhaps? Hmm, hard choice, comments from those who read are welcome.