Been social, and decided on food.

  • Two all too huge carrots.
  • Five or so large potatoes.
  • One Parsnip
  • One bundle of small red onions.
  • One finger of Ginger
  • One smallish Leek.

Chop the carrots up, and toss them into a large pot with enough butter, let fry for a bit while you chop and peel the potatoes. Add in potatoes, pepper and salt. Fry some more while you peel and (finely)chop half of the Ginger, toss in, grind the rest of the ginger for later. Add parsnip, water, onion and leek (as you prepare it). Meanwhile (You're an octopod, aren't you?) Chop up some meat, add to a pan, some oil, let stir and fry. Then, as the meat approaches readiness, add half a bottle of ale or so. Spice the vegetables, let the meat stir until the ale isn't quite there anymore, add to the stew. Add fresh basil and some soy, and a lime. Serve hottish.