Good news first, tested myself against Diabetes (type 2) since it's in the family.  I'm clear and not worried, sugar levels are normal, weight is okay (thats an improvement, I'm no longer underweight).  And with the good stuff out of the way, I'm now going to be upset and fucked up annoyed about the rheumatism that the doctor did say I have.  I'm left in the dark prescribed painkillers and something to ease my stomach/Acidlevels while waiting for the detailed lab results and an X-ray time. Yey. I'm so happy I could puke.

And I can't even make the Chocolate Brownies that Aginor is teasing with.

Now to see what the WordPress developers have fucked up this time.  No, I don't hold them in very high regard anymore.

Over, out, and slam the door in your face.