So, This last weekend was a bit of a stressed out mess for me, life does that sometimes. This time, I was traveling to visit the Medevial Days in Bohus Fästning which turned out to be a lovely affair, really.

Now, not all was sunshine and roses. One of the first exhibits you see is something that's so far from Medieval as it can be, and I'm not talking about the modern stage with lights and sound equipment, I'll gladly give that a pass. No, I'm talking about a Russian nunnery ( of one of the Orthodox schools ) selling icons of the virgin, wooden painted pictures of Jesus (Without the Mary Chain, too), Matryoshka dolls and so on. Pity, but it's not my sake to say they can't be there.

The rest of the fair was the usual crowds, mixture of spectator sports, musicians, bands, peddlers and dressup party. However, due to a slight issue with the Swedish climate, most of it was lightly enjoyed in the falling rain. Not just falling, but rather "sky torn apart" style. Decimeters of water flooding the area, pools appearing where none are supposed to be. The usual, really.

But, wool keeps you warm, and there's always a lovely underground area. So, the fair went on and was enjoyed. And I heard that the other days had more luck with the weather.

I'm not quite surprised.

And yes, I spent hours listening to music in a damp underground cellar of a Medieval castle. What did you do?