Seems I'm ending up with an "occupation".    This means, I'll be working at LFV-Data and not really "Implementing" as much as "filling out" their CMDB.  The software itself is some HP based All in One solution, with a user interface with more options and tabs than what is sane.   All ran over Citrix, of course.

What it means in practice, is that I'll be doing IT, digging through paperwork and systems, classifying things into Services, Projects and Child Objects, while filling it into a brain-dead user-interface designed by a \<deleted>.   Very well, what I'm happy about is that I will not have to work with it after its filled in. I'll be insane enough by then, I hope.

On the more positive side, I'll get to move out a bit, do something at least remotely useful, and be able to claim my Massive Five SEK/hour reimbursement for my time.  The job is, well.  They think it is a necessary thing, me? I guess it could be useful, if the interface wouldn't repulse everyone who was working with it into spontaneous vomiting and diarrhea of the mind.   Not that I really care.  Maybe for fun I'll sit down and do a complete user interface analysis of it, and apply for example the GNOME or Apple HIG's to it.   Would prove a valuable exercise in sanity.

And then there is the practical. First you sign the paperwork agreeing to abide the security rules,  safety first, not to leave USB memories around, never to bring diskettes in and out, to change your password every 3 months and to NEVER EVER write your password/username down, or let someone else use it.

After that I got a note with the managers username/password on it so I could perform some work.

Bound to happen, lets hope they change it as I asked them. Real work on Monday.