Well, I went to Strömsholms Brygghus in lieu of work yesterday. It wasn't at all what I had expected, but now that I think it through, I really have no clue what I was expecting. A huge water heater, some tanks for mulling/boiling, one for ..hmm, rising? Yeast, fermentation? Something such.
And two for storage, (Settling, I presume) with pumps, and a completely manual process until the end.
And that included the labelling of the bottles.

I took some pictures, but I've been too tired so far to unload the camera. (Oh, I have to open the bag. And attach a cable. Clearly too much work for me) , they will pop up sometime later I hope.

And for the rest? It was quite fun. Interesting to watch them make the place where the stout I drank the night before got made. And to meet the makers