Okay,  Crappy morning due to a slight hangover after a rather unsatisfying evening out. Just one of those duds that happen, noones fault, really, and it wasn't as if anyone was really in the mood.  Finding out the club had gone severely downhill from what you remember a few years ago,  and all of it just adding up to blanket the whole in a miserable feeling.

But, a new day.  A hyperactive spid who wants to get Stuff Done!   Well,  there I am, goofing around and trying out the freshly installed Max Payne 2 in Wine, getting the thing working was a breeze, except for the intermediate audio issue I was going into, when the thing hangs. Hard.

A few moments of WTF and I reach for the magic key combo,  finding it does nothing (no, not Ctrl alt delete. Alt SysRQ SUB )

And then it starts booting. And hangs.

Great.  The computer is no longer recognizing my RAM.   It's stuck,  Num lock not blinking. No nothing.

A long time of frustration later and I leave the computer "hung" to go check on something, and come back to a system halfway though the boot process.  Some more expermineting shows that it does indeed recognize the RAM. But not very quickly.  We're talking of a 5 minute hang in BIOS, Which is something that I find unacceptable.

Some more fiddling shows the same behaviour on all memory banks, No matter how many chips are in or not.   Sigh,   I suspect the Mainboard, but I can't be sure.  Unplugging the chips and hooking them into a friends computer confirms it. They boot perfectly and instantly.

I get home a couple of hours later ( Cookies and Metroid is a great way to spend some annoyance ) and hook it up.

The computer boots instantly and perfectly.