Today Flimmer started here in town, its a film festival covering a bit more than a week of time.  Good news for me, the bad news is that I'm not quite fluid economically or emotionally, and cannot attend as many films as I would want.

Paid my membership anyhow, I like the group, good movies each year, can't help but not go, can I?   So, first thing's first,   ils!

It's a French horror movie, set in Bulgaria, starring the quite cute Michael Cohen in one of the two main roles.  So, about me, I'm easy to scare when it comes to movies, I like that. It's too easy to become dispassionate and not be affected by them, so I won't change that anyhow.  Leaning back and being critical doesn't do it for a movie.

It's a horror flick in the same sense that Blair Witch Project was a horror flick,  self induced paranoia and panic as a response to things. However, where in BWP, there wasn't anything to drive it on other than "Mystical" occasions, here there is a real threat,  and not just mind-bugs.

So, acting was quite okay,  The light was too much at times, but there weren't any real gaping holes in the plot.  That might be because it was based on a real story, and not just a mind-bug from a script-writer on a bad trip though.

Still, movie adaptation of the happenings, of course, what would you expect?

I liked it, I'll watch it again in company of someone if they want to see it.  So, overall, good movie.