Today I have been debugging the silliest and most annoying error I have ever encountered in Windows/Excel.

During a change of computers Excel was updated from 2002 to 2003, Spreadsheets that were made in the old version ( font in all cases, arial, installed. visible) printed & previewed ok, but the only things that appeared on the paper were things in either bold, or italic. Normally formatted text did not print.

If you made an entirely new document, and re-typed it all in there, it came out okay. If you bold marked contents of the spreadsheet, it came out ok. If you cut&pasted or saved as, it did not come out.

The fix: Minor update to the printer driver.

Now, instead : It asks you to load pc letter format for everything even if it goes ahead to print A4. No, it can't be changed, all trays are set to A4. All settings are A4. It will ask you to refill letter paper, then go ahead and print.

Did I mention that I have a certain dislike for Windows?