Very much not awake.
Last week is a blur, there was Killing Joke, there was awesome, there was camera, there was crowd, there was Guinness and there was Friends and there was Porter House, and there was people.

I had a grand time, doing all from light sight-seeing to heavy clubbing and drinking, Caught three major gigs where I've been a fan for years, Porcupine Tree, Killing Joke and Ozric Tentacles, caught a Mexican day of the Dead burlesque show on film (well, digital such) and went clubbing with friends both new and old.

Overall, it was a blast.
Even though I got a minionic globetrotter cold with me home.

But now I'm still waiting for my RAW's to arrive (there was a screwup with iPhoto and they disappeared, some panic happened but I'm getting them uploaded to me now) meanwhile I tossed up
a few short previews here:

I'll update that album, and make some proper Gig albums later.

Right now I however curse myself for not photographing the taxis at night. Bad me. Very bad me.