I just heard via the blogline that Nokia are buying Trolltech!  This is interesting, because the Maemo

device is based on gtk+/Gnome technologies and the Qt "competition" for cellphones is Qtopia, their integrated library for cellphones. Now I wonder, will Nokia continue to develop the quite adorable Maemo line, or will they transfer the N8xx devices to the new Qtopia platform, and thus force a complete re-implementation of the software stack?

This is what we know so far, The Announcement from Trolltech:

So, this seems to be a strike back against the Open Handset Alliance and Google's "Android" toolkit, which is set to do the same thing as Qtopia, although based on the same libraries (libc, openssl, Freetype and others)

I somehow doubt it, but there doesn't seem to be any news in this regard.

So.  What gives?  We know for sure that future Nokia products will be based on Qtopia.  We know for sure that Motorola goes with Android. Competition a-plenty.  The -good- news is that both these systems are somewhat open platforms, with development libraries from the Free Software and Open Source camps.  The thing set to suffer is probably the Maemo stack, which is a pity since the community behind that is strong and well developed.  However, not suited for Cellphones as of the moment.    On top of this, Trolltech recently released QT4.x as GPLv3 license, which means that either the customers use and develop under their purchased, closed license, or they release GPL code.   Wonderful "Try before you buy" situation for developers.

Well then, I'm intrigued, lets see how this panes out, and how it goes for Maemo.


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