Holy holy mo.

So, what have I been up to, I wonder? Well,  the holidays went off somewhat well,  invited a friend up and been social in a matter of way. Well,  sitting in the same room and reading books,   cooking, baking and watching TV-series and movies counts as being social for me at least.

Did my best to avoid family this year, since they still manage to get under my skin,  simply hearing "hello disappointment" when they hear its you on the phone, Well. It hurts.  Met my father in the days between the days here,  Wasn't too fun to hear that my mother is.. well, worse off.  Barely able to dress herself now, needing help for that kind of thing.  Not quite as pleasant.

Anxiety is up, as always during the holidays. Rough time at the best, and I fear I haven't been the best of hosts, lying huddled in a corner and shaking isn't.... helping.

Still, the days went better than I had expected.    Happy arbitrary calendar event.