Ahh, the land of smokers, in my head at least.    Admitted, this is a rather cruel way of describing it, as I did meet some non smokers. However, seeing cigarette commercials in the street along with the impression that most everyone were smoking, did leave an impression on me.

However, that isn't the reason I'm wiring this, neither is it the reason I went there, So, lets get to things!

I went to Germany a couple of weeks ago on vacation, between my old and new job.  It wasn't a long stay, just a couple of days. The main reason was to be sociable and meet up with Kanuberon and Mathair and to celebrate Kanuberon's birthday.

Well, we topped that up with a couple of days of various sight-seeing, old castles, churches, towns and natural phenomena in the countryside, along with cow-snuggling and cat-sneezing.  And of course being assaulted by the incredibly aggressive mosquitos.

We went to the town of (pizza!)Worms, some time Kayaking (and toppling the kayaks over, of course)  walking the somewhat idyllic countryside and generally harassing things with the camera.

Still, I had fun, and it was nice.

(there, posted nonsensical blag-post!)