So, this last weekend I was in Gävle, visiting Broken Haiku and generally having a sugarloaded time of social interactivity.  Well, if you call sitting around in a sofa whapping the buttons on the controller for a PS3, yelling excitedly at the flaming wreckage as molotov cocktails repeatedly get thrown into the mass of a traffic stocking on the highway, or the general groaning as the Assassin of a certain Creed does a spectacularly stupid bounce off a high tower instead of grabbing a beam to climb up onto.

In short, we were sugarloaded and spent the weekend with games of various kinds,  some movies and walks outside,  amongst general social interaction, aka. "hanging around" in a quite nice way.

And for that, I have now updated my Flickr stream with some more pictures,  and following below here are a few of those.