Well, About time someone spoke up to it.  My big thanks to Stardock games for speaking up for the gamers here.    Just now I'm trying to get Heroes V (non-expansion) to work on my computer.

Insert DVD. Install.


Nope, "Must insert DVD to play" ... but it is in there?  Sorry, Starforce says your butt hasn't paid the paintoll yet.

So,  go to ubisoft homepage. The Swedish one, just to make sure that I get the European patches. Guess what? No download link for patches.

Official English one? Oh yeah, it only links the US patches.

So, where do you go to get a working link for patches for your european store-bought game of Heroes of Might and Magic V?

oh yes, Game Copy World.   They have the link to the official patches, including the European ones, that removed the Starforce Copy annoyance system.

Piracy my ass, I need them to run the game.  and UBI can't even provide me with that information on their own behalf.

I think I'll stop buying games UBI sell. They just annoy me and make me spend an hour trying to fix their fucking mess.