Soon then.

I think most Images are now Imported into my Zen installation at : of the titles and comments had to be hand-transferred away due to the impossibility of running any converter scripts.

So, what's left to be done?

  • Organization. I'm not satisfied with the current state, any suggestions are welcome.
  • Theme :  This needs a few tweaks and a major overhaul to match the general site design.
  • Tagging / Labelling:  Go over them and tag/distribute things.
  • Relinking: Find all the old links and edit the documents to move them over. I think this is the "cleaner" way compared to doing it with Massive amounts of mod_rewrite things. However, if you have suggestions on fixing this in a nicer way, I'm all ears.

So, Now that it's over, have a bunny:

[![Bunny]( "Bunny")]( : Bunny